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To complete this assignment, you will profile one buyer to find commonalities you will use to establish a connection. Use the worksheet entitled "Profiling Your Buyer " (found under the "Additional References" tab) to identify discussion topics for one buyer. 

Assignment Instructions:

  1. Select one buyer in LinkedIn that you’d like to communicate with.
  2. Use the “Profiling Your Buyer Worksheet” (found under the "Additional References" tab) to outline the area you’ll use to connect with that buyer.
  3. Provide details on: 
    1. Common connections
    2. Common interests
    3. Common alumni or groups
    4. Do you have any relevant information related to their industry or expertise?
  4. Take a screenshot of the buyer's profile and include it in the completed word document. 
  5. Click the Upload Now button at the bottom of this page to upload your assignment.

Sample – Profiling Your Buyer:

 “After using the Profiling Worksheet, I was able to engage a buyer through a mutual connection of ours.”

Grading Timelines: Assignment submissions are marked hourly Mon-Friday (9AM-5PM) EST and daily Sat-Sun at the following times (12PM, 2PM, 5PM) EST. We appreciate your patience. 

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