Assignment Grading Expectations

Each module in Social Selling Mastery requires completion of a related assignment. Each assignment has instructions for you to follow and a button to upload for grading. You will see the following notification once you submit an assignment:

You may wonder why we have to manually grade these assignments. What better to help keep you accountable than actual humans who checking your profiles, prospects, LinkedIn messaging and much more?

Our head office is located in Toronto, Ont. We operate Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST and for a few hours on Saturdays and Sundays. 

We work hard to ensure your assignments are graded promptly and correctly, however, during our off hours, please expect grading times to take longer than normal. (Hey, we like sleep too!). 

If your assignment seems to be taking longer to grade, make sure to check the status by logging into your profile before reaching out to someone on our team. Chances are, you didn't meet assignment requirements and you will find the comments as to why by clicking the small blue "results" button on the right hand side of the assignment: 

If you have not passed the assignment and our team requires you to upload another attempt, clicking this small blue button is also where you can upload a new document for grading.


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